Friday, September 07, 2012

"Maggie's life is a celebration of all that is the very best of life." --JSA

Walker Percy. Aesthetics. Napa. San Francisco. Energy. Enthusiasm. Knob Creek. Lemon Curd. Car. Brideshead Revisited. My Pregnancy Denial. Chester. Two Burner Stove. Porch Sleeping. Long Necklaces. Risotto. Broccolini. Jam. Arrested Development. PG Wodehouse. AS Byatt. Packing. Too Many Glasses. Harry Potter. Harry Potter on the Beach. Monk's. Mussels. 3Years of Friendship Before You Saw Me Without a Ponytail. Encouragement. Courage. Diligence. G Bathes in Your Sink. G's Baptism. Hope. Beach House. Flip Flops. Crab Feast. Folk Music. Friendship. Faithful Discipleship. Cooking. Museum Days. Ten Thousand Places. Assateague Camping. Virginia. No Car. Library Sales. Flea Markets. At Freddie's. The Children's Book. Georgetown. Jams by Mags. The Cherry Blossom Festival. Apple Picking. Apple Brandy. Broadmindedness. Understanding. Peter Pan. Fairytales. Vin de Noix. Black Berry Jam. The Zoo Birthday. Philosophy. Apple Picking. Beer and French Fries. Christmas. Like What You Like. British Mysteries. British Romances. British Humor. Anything British. Roast Chicken. Children's Books. Little Lamb Books. Chili Party. Dominican House. Jazz. Music Month. Fish Market. Real Conversations. Blue. Teal. White. New Cabinet: Too Many Glasses. The Messiah. Shoes. Boots. Sandals. Scarves. Stylish. Introducing Friends to Friends.Albert Campion. Loyalty. Couch Sleeping. The Medici Conspiracy. Gilbert & Sullivan. Much Ado About Nothing. Pasta. Onion Awesomeness. Easy Grace. Hospitality. Decorum. Framable Thank You Notes. Do You Want My [enter piece of furniture]? Epiphany Party/s. Too Many Chairs. No Preconditions. Shakespeare Theater (What Did We Even See?). Easter. The Kennedy Center. Englad, ho! The Black Keys. Grape & Bean. Alice in Wonderland. Muriel Spark. Driver's SeatThe Sea, The Sea. Elizabeth Bishop. Katherine Mansfield. Til We Have FacesEnder's Game. Generosity. Wendell Barry, the Evangelist. [The Second Sex]. Foyle's War. Downton Abbey. Ragnarok. Myth. Car?


Margaret E. Perry said...

Aw! This is so awesome! I can't believe we've shared all this, and yet, that doesn't even scratch the surface of the incredible blessing of these years of friendship! YAY!

Margaret E. Perry said...

ps. hahaha! "too many glasses" should be written on both our tombstones.