Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Mirror

I was recently inspired by this image on Pinterest of a belted clock. 

I thought I could do a similar thing with a mirror. I found a couple of cool colored leather belts at a thrift store (I made sure I got ones that were as long as I could find). Then I picked up a mirror at Michael's for $5, and used a bit of styrofoam from my mom's recent purchase.  

I used a glue gun and put glue on the back of the mirror, and then glued it to the foam. Then I used an exacto knife to cut around the mirror. I then used the glue gun again to glue around the edges of the mirror, and attach the belt. 

I learned that important lesson that foam melts when hot glue is put directly on it! So I had to be careful to put it mainly on the edges of the mirror. Any glue that oozes out on the front side of the mirror can but removed by the knife once it is dry. 

And voila! A belt-mirror-tamborine (as J called it). If you use a mirror with a frame or are a very careful person, you would not need to put the foam behind it to stabilize the mirror as you glue it to the belt.

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Margaret E. Perry said...

i love it. also the new design! :)