Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Doll House Update

I started this project with the idea of putting legs onto G's dollhouse. When it sat on the floor it was hard to play in the bottom level, and tables were generally too tall or too big (space is a precious commodity in our house). Home Depot has fantastic wooden legs with the screw bolt already in them. They are sanded and ready for paint, stain, etc. and come in a variety of styles and lengths. They also have these incredibly handy plates that you just screw into the bottom of whatever you want to put legs on, and then screw the bolted legs into the plate. It's a cynch.

I also stumbled upon this great water based stain, that you can have mixed to a number of different colors. I LOVED working with it. It is so quick to apply, it's not fussy--there are no streaky lines to contend with, it dries super fast, and you still get the wood grain showing through a bit. I also love the matte/natural finish. I also used the stain to also paint the chevron on the front of the table.

You could do this same project for about $35 if you just wanted to put the legs onto the house (depending on the length and style legs you choose).

While we were at HD though the creative juices got flowing and I thought that, though it would be nice to have the house up off the floor a couple of inches… where would G put her vegetable garden and picnic table?

We wandered around and found everything we needed. The base of the table is made of 3/4" MDF with trim nailed around the edges--so that things wouldn't fall off the edges. We used sample tiles of astro-turf like carpet for the "grass", and the tile guy gave us a remnant bit of the glass tile that we used for the "pond". We decided on some travertine tile for the stone walkway and patio. The "grass" was great, and easy to cut to make our modern landscaping come to life.

Now G just needs to organize her house. :) 


Sarah Coffin said...

Um... this is the coolest thing ever. I am sooo impressed and would like to be your child... if i weren't already your sister... which is pretty awesome too.

The Brain said...

Very nice. G is a lucky kid.

The legs remind me - if you find yourself needing something (besides pine) lathed, just let me know, or bring a piece of wood by my office. (Such as the bat I did for our little guy.)