Monday, October 31, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spirituality of the Church

A provocative little interview with Pastor David Coffin:

"The Rev. Dr. David Coffin is pastor of New Hope Presbyterian church, a 20-year-old congregation that meets in Fairfax City's Fire Station No. 3. Coffin, a student of early American theologians Jonathan Edwards and Robert Dabney, is said to be one of the most learned men of his denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America. Coffin will speak in Washington at Christ Reformed Church's "Christianity and Politics" lecture series later this month alongside other well-known Reformed intellectuals. Coffin sat down with The Washington Examiner to talk about his lecture, "The Spirituality of the Church," and his own faith in God.

"Examiner: Do you consider yourself to be of a specific faith?
Coffin: I'm certainly a Christian. The problem is that's a pretty generic term these days. I would say that I'm a Catholic Christian in that I hold to the fundamentals of the faith as set forth in the historic creeds of the church. I'm a Protestant Christian in that I believe the Reformation was a return of the church to its original scriptural foundations. I'm a Reformed Christian, meaning that the way of salvation understood in historic Reformed or Calvinistic Christianity seems to me most faithful to the Scriptures."

Read the whole thing here.

Monday, October 03, 2011

H Mart

"It's so great! It's so they can live before they die!" -- G, on the fish tank at H Mart

I am really proud of G for this! I have worked really hard to instill in her that food comes from animals, and that it's a very good thing that God has made the world this way--that there is nothing gross about it, and that it's good to be humane about your food before it comes to your plate. Every time I roast a chicken she asks if it can wave goodbye to her, and we do a little naked chicken dance...