Friday, January 21, 2011

Litte Gray...


For my birthday J gave me a six month subscription to Persephone Books. I have been reading through the paper catalogue of their books for the past several days marking books that seem interesting, ones that I just can't live without, and ones that I can wait for.

In reading the various descriptions, I came across this description of Persephone, and thought it delightfully fit--both with my new-found obsession with these little gray tomes, and also with my recent confession on the Victorians.

"'Some of the smartest lessons in how we live now are to be found not in government speeches or fashionable film releases, but in small grey-covered books published by Pershepone Books' wrote Andrew O'Hagan in the Daily Telegraph. 'The volumes are usually lost classics of female writing; they promote the notion that understanding the past is a reasonable way to go about identifying the present and the I have been looking at their newest release as a way of getting a handle on the idea of British domestic bliss.'"

The book to which O'Hagan was referring is How to Run Your Home Without Help (1949).

My selections for the 6 month subscription are:

+ Little Lost Boy
+ Every Eye
+ The Mystery of Mrs. Blencarrow
+ A House in the Country
+ Greenery Street
+ House-Bound

Not only are these lovelies published with gorgeous reproductions of early 20th C. textiles as their endpapers, each is given a preface or afterward by a famous contemporary author.

I will endeavor to write a brief review of each.

My secondary list includes:

+ The Far Cry
+ High Wages
+ Making Conversation
+ William--An Englishman
+ Mariana
+ Bricks and Mortar

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