Friday, January 14, 2011


We are well into the new year, and I still haven't posted anything since early December 2010. I have not given this blog up! I have an ever increasing list of things that I would like to post about, but have not yet had the chance. 

My husband and I are posting at 12 together, about our new year resolutions, so check there if you like for some daily tid-bits... but don't abandon Spoon! I'll be back. 

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this. Yesterday was my birthday, and my husband wrote me this poem and presented it during our delicious dinner at Trummers on Main

(J and I have been married for almost six years, this was my fifth birthday married that we have celebrated together, and the 10th! that we have celebrated together as friends). 

Some silly couplets for my friend of ten years 
I don't know what people mean when, like my brother,
they paint a fictional wife as a suitable mother,
extolling in her a catalogue of fertile virtue,
I've never seen in woman and hope that doesn't hurt you.
She is quiet, and demure, and gazes with evident reverence
while contemplating nothing and advocating temperence.
I'll grant you that you're all I know of women,
and brother's fantasies might quickly be forgiven.
But we find ourselves at war now both against and for
our beautiful children who crawl and paw at the door,
while every morning when I see the spoons I know you prefer,
silver beside my stainless steel in our drawer
I'm reminded that we'd rather be reading and writing,
or you'd drag me to a lecture where an author is opining,
while, and I realize I've never ever told you this,
I still sit scheming how and where we can kiss.
Thing is, I think I married myself to your mind long before the rings,
and the list of what I want to do is just a catalogue of things,
of places we'd go with or without pet pink racoons,
(never part of a plan, still they're evident boons).
Anyway, maybe, it's terribly dull to say what I mean when I think, "she's my wife".
Still I think nothing more, less or more glamorous, then whatever we're doing we have the same life.


Katie said...

I always love reading about pieces of people's real, staid, everyday marriages. I think real marriages in all their simplicity and complexity are way more romantic than the ideals we so often dream up! Good couplets, J.

ALB said...

Sometimes I think writers translate the world like no one else. Artists see the world like no one else, philosophers understand the world like no one else, and writers? Writers translate. Writers compute childhood wonder and grown-up joy to words then wrap up wisdom and feelings you didn't realize you knew and felt and deliver it to your heart.

Well done my hopeless Romantic brother.

Kankana said...

I am a new born in this blog world and have very recently started my food blog . I call it Sunshine & Smile I read your Blog and absolutely inspired by the '12' . I think it's not too late to do something similar :) Have to discuss this with my husband as soon as he is back from home :)