Friday, October 22, 2010

Blog Updated

Spoon has recently been updated a little bit. 

I am trying to make some sort of sense of the randomness that is found here... So I have begun to put labels on the posts. All the past posts have been updated to fit into the following categories:

- home and local
- art
- books and comments
- kids
- food
- things
- places
- pop-culture

All of the blogs fit into those categories to some degree. So I hope that will make it easier to find things that you may be looking for, or to browse past posts that you may have missed, but are in a category of interest.

Starting with October I am going to post a photo collage round-up of what we've been up to at the end of each month.

J and I are also starting a new blog called 12. It's about our 12 one month long resolutions for 2011. Check back in January for the start of our challenges.

I hope this makes Spoon more enjoyable for you!

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