Friday, September 24, 2010

"Gene Weingarten: I hate Facebook sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much..."

An excellent piece by Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post on Facebook:

"Critics contend I am unfair to Facebook merely because I have described it as an ocean of banalities shared among persons with lives so empty they echo. I defend my thesis but admit my evidence has been unscientific -- entirely anecdotal -- based on my occasional dips into this tepid, lifeless lagoon of dishwater-dull discourse."

By the way, GW does not extend his point on how bored Facebook users are, but I will. The medium is the message (as dear old Marshall MacLuhan said), and perhaps one should think about picking up a book, or pen and paper, or even go for a walk... rather than sit and type, "I'm bored."


Willa J. said...

You do have to laugh at that article (lol :)...joking). Facebook can be very banal and life-sucking. But, I also think that it can have its place and perhaps Gene Weingarten's view is a bit elitist (much like the modern novelist). Check out this article by Brooks...I think sometimes we underestimate the depth of others.

Angel'sheart said...

FB Is not that bad, aour heads are bad ones and our brain, our thoughts, Spoon.

You can find very good and useful stuff at FB as well as at the internet as whole, but we are the guilty ones who made the internet a bad place! U understand me or at least I hope you do! So instead of criticyzing, try to make people use the internet and use their brains, heads, lives!