Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Here's an interesting article from the Smithsonian's Food and Think blog on food and cravings... something I've always wondered about. Sadly, there still isn't much information that we have on the phenomena. 

Two excerpts: 

--a wacky story: One exception may be iron-deficient anemia, which is sometimes linked to an eating disorder called pica, in which a person has a craving for ice, dirt or other non-food items. Pelchat related the story of a woman who was in the hospital with both iron-deficient anemia and mercury poisoning; she was eating a box of facial tissues a day. The anemia was brought under control, and the mercury poisoning also resolved. It turned out that, at home, the woman had been buying used paperback books to eat because they were less expensive than tissues—and until a couple of decades ago, mercury was used in the processing of paper.

....ummm... wouldn't you call your doctor before you started putting "cheap paperbacks at Used Bookstore" on your grocery list?

--more to food than nutrition: If much about cravings is still a mystery, one thing has been clear in Pelchat’s research: a monotonous diet is likely to trigger them. In studies in which participants were fed only an Ensure-like liquid that provided all their nutritional and caloric needs for three weeks (and were required to finish it so they were full), she says, it took only two days for young adults to report huge increases in cravings. They all craved non-sweet foods. “We don’t know if it’s boredom, or the idea of restriction,” she says, “but clearly it isn’t nutritional need.”

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