Friday, June 04, 2010


I began making a list of books completed last year. It's been the first thing of this nature (journal, etc.) that I have actually kept up with. It gives a nice sense of accomplishment when I ink in another title. It's also an interesting record. I have already read almost as many books to date this year, as I did in all of last year -- a year when I had one kid, and was pregnant and largely sedentary. Interesting.

Anyhow, I love lists in general, and I found this interesting book about lists too...

AS Byatt also loves lists: "I love lists--lists as mnemonics, lists as science, lists as poetry. George Elliot, at the seaside in the 1850's with George Henry Lewes and his microscope, wrote, "I never before longed so much to know the names of things as during this visit to Ilfracombe. The desire is part of the tendency that is now growing in me to escape from all the vagueness and inaccuracy into the daylight of distinct vivid ideas."

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Margaret Perry said...

I just saw this book at the DeYoung and made a mental note to email it to you. You beat me.

lists are the best.