Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Local, local, local...

I picked up a bunch of great local publications while in Culpeper.

In the Kitchen is a 10 year old magazine devoted to the Virginia food scene for the home cook. They feature a monthly meal planner each month, as well as fascinating articles on local farms, restaurants, and markets.

The Old Town Crier is a publication devoted to announcing interesting events, festivals, lectures, restaurants, etc. in old town centers from the Bay to the Blue Ridge.

Buy Local Virginia is a great website devoted to making available information on how to find local produce resources near you. They also have a good page of other resources including a chart of produce availability by season.

I was also happy to speak with a teacher, Marla England, from the Eastern View High School in Culpeper. She has won a grant from the State of Virginia to start a several weeklong program teaching kids about nutrition. She introduces the ideas of eating colorfully, and identifies whole ingredients--all using the concept of Eric Carl's Very Hungry Caterpillar--laying foundations to become a butterfly! Amazingly, she had never seen the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution. It was great to see someone taking initiative to begin changes in the local schools.

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