Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Snack Time

So G loves listening to books and stories on cd in her room (it's a great break for me as well!), but we have gone over and over the ones that we already have--so I went searching for some of the stories that I remember from when I was growing up.

Susan Hammond has recorded some great stories featuring classical music composers in stories (called "Classical Kids"). They are really fun stories, with kids as the main character, and get at the time period and play the composers music. It may seem uber-educational, but they are not--they are really just fun dramatized stories. My favorite is Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery. Also great is the Classical Kids Christmas (It retells the Christmas story, as well as many other classic folk tales related to Christmas-time, including the World War I story of Joyeux Noel). For some reason Amazon only has the cd format. However, iTunes has all of the titles available for download in MP3 format for $9.99.

I am still looking for the Scheherazad that I grew up on!

Bare Naked Ladies' Snacktime is really a fun find. It's classic BNL--with their hysterically witty lyrics and same BNL sound. My favorite song so far is Ninjas. ELRJ reviews a kids' jazz cd here, that I have not yet picked up.

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Willa J. said...

Great finds! I'm definitely going to get the Classical Kids and BNL Snacktime for L. Thanks for passing this along.