Friday, April 16, 2010

English Home Magazine

After the demise of Domino, I have been in search of a new decor magazine that inspired me. I finally found it. It is The English Home, American edition. I picked up a bunch of magazines for my recent time in the hospital, and this was one of them.

I thought it would just be a pastoral look-through, but I began reading the articles, and found  myself reading every single one. Unlike most American design mags, the pictures are actually supplemental to the very interesting and articulate articles (instead of being almost entirely the point). Even articles that would have been consumerist filler in other home magazines, were actually fascinating little pieces--it took me quite off guard. For example, an article on the development of 1950s design and colors was not just an fluffy homage to trendy mid-century pieces, but an actual discussion of the place, & technical and economic development of design after the war.

Currently they are publishing a series on the use of specific colors and their design history (including the development of pigments, dyes, and other mechanical reproduction of colors for cloth and paper). The feature historic houses and current uses of the color, as well as their affect on other colors. They have done green and yellow so far.

(I will say however, it still does not replace Domino really! for new ideas, and inspiration. I am learning a lot though).

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