Wednesday, February 10, 2010

National Civic Art Society

The National Civic Arts Society is a local organization "dedicated to institutional architecture and decoration, memorial design, and community planning in the great tradition." It's an interesting group--I can't say that I whole heartedly agree with them, but they are an interesting group of folks with a lot of opinions. (For example, what does "in the great tradition" even mean? Is this just another ArtRenewal type group (stuck in some "classical" tradition, and not creating anything timely? bleh.) I haven't been able to figure that out yet.

"Since 2002, THE NATIONAL CIVIC ART SOCIETY has nurtured this new counterculture, while challenging fashionable dogmas that have merely served the cause of ugliness. It has sponsored important lectures and symposia as well as exhibitions of painting, sculpture, and architectural drawing. It also has endeavored to bring the new counterculture to policy makers’ attention. The Society will continue to seek the restoration of the classical tradition to its rightful primacy in our nation’s capital, while promoting design that dignifies, rather than degrades, the various realms of human endeavor in city and suburb."

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