Thursday, January 28, 2010

Food & Think

As an avid supporter of the Smithsonian, I receive their magazine. They send out an electronic newsletter highlighting online articles as well... Anyhow, here's a fun post about "What Children's Books Taught Us About Food." Some of the books featured are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and A Wrinkle In Time (remember the turkey that tasted like sand?). I thought it was a fun thing to think about. A lot of the responses below the article are fun too.

I think the most memorable book reference to food that I can think of is probably Turkish Delight from The  Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. But Amelia Bedelia's cream puffs have got to be up there too. What are some of your favorites?

As an aside, I also noticed, and did not previously know about, the Smithsonian Magazine blog called Food & Think: A Heaping Helping of Food News, Science, and Culture.


sjcoffin said...

Turkish delight is a big one for me too. I also remember
- Pippi Longstocking's pancakes
- the cheese or milk from "Heidi"
- Hansel and Grettle's candy (!)
- the jelly bean book... what was it? Raining Jelly Beans or something?
- ALLLL the food from "No more monsters for me"... i LOVED that book.

sjcoffin said...

ooo and the runaway cheese! as a kid, who thinks of cheese as made in a wheel?! without that book, that's something I wouldn't have learned until way down the road!

andersonrc1 said...

Oh, definitely, Heidi and also the Run Away Cheese! Thanks Sarah!