Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vin de Noix

My husband, friends and I tried making Vin de Noix this year! I'll let you know the final verdict in a couple of months. It is a liquor made with green walnuts. I will not give the recipe here, unless it's requested, as one can find many recipes online. I will say though that we used a white Burgundy that was young, so that it would mature as the liquor ages, and GF vodka, with szechwan peppercorns (which turn out not to be peppercorns at all, and have a zillion different names!), cloves, vanilla bean, orange slices, & maple syrup. Here's a version from Lucy's Kitchen which looks fantastic. And a link on straining and decanting the stuff!

Btw, if you are going to try and make this, and are looking for szechwan peppercorns, you can find them online, but they are also available at Chinese groceries as well (like Great Wall in Falls Church), but not at regular Asian groceries (like H Mart).

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