Friday, May 08, 2009


G and I recently found these toys/games/puzzles made by Cranium (their Bloom line) at some Marshalls stores, and we love them so much, I thought I'd post about them. They are really FUN, firstly! and secondly, they are definitely getting G to figure things out. Now in general I am not all about ALL educational toys, ALL the time. Usually, I think educational toys are a marketing gimmick for hyper parents, and are really boring. These games, maybe b/c the are made by a game maker and not a baby-industry marketeer, are actually fun AND clever! 

The one to the left is a puzzle (with cute illustrations) of a zoo. Then are are two decks of cards that have you find different things (like find things that are blue), and an dry erase marker that you can use on the puzzle! G was loving that she could actually draw on the puzzle! 

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