Friday, May 08, 2009


G and I have discovered audio books! I mean, I loved them as a kid, but thought of them as an older kid sort of thing. However, there are now a zillion great short stories available on iTunes, and at the library. We are even making our way through Wind and the Willows together, bit by bit. It's great that she is learning to sit and listen to stories for long periods of time! 

Some of our favorites:
The BBC has done a lot of them, and you can browse in iTunes by the BBC, like Pat-A-Cake, and Jack and the Bean Stalk.
- Caps for Sale
- Winnie-the-Pooh
- the Beatrix Potter tales
- the original Thomas the Tank Engine stories
- and of course the Rabbit Ears stories

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Margaret Perry said...

There is a Merryl Streep version of THE VELVETEEN RABBIT and a Jack Nicholson version of the Just So Stories that are magnificent.