Monday, April 13, 2009


I have been meaning to post about these for a while... and finally remembered. These are cutting boards that have all of the good qualities of wood, and are dishwasher safe! I particularly love how thin they are, as I am always trying to streamline my small space! I have replaced all of my other cutting boards now. 

You can now shop Epicurean’s entire product line here at the Epicurean Store. Epicurean® cutting surfaces are a practical and distinctive improvement from plastic cutting boards, glass cutting boards and wood cutting boards. They have all of the best qualities and none of the bad in one highly functional surface. All Epicurean® cutting surfaces can be used on both sides and are intended for every day use and easy food preparation. Every Epicurean cutting board is thoughtfully designed for functionality in use, clean-up, and storage. With its exclusive cutting surface material which doesn’t dull knives, and the superior hygienic properties, Epicurean is considered the best food preparation and cutting surface available today. 

They have some overstock products on their site for 50% off, and I have found mine at Marshalls stores. I have also seen them at Wegmans and Bed Bath and Beyond, but for full price. 

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