Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reason #487 to love AS Byatt

In an interview with the Guardian in 1996, "That Thinking Feeling", Byatt comments on the women's movement (which she finds ghettoizing) and being a creative woman.

Here's an excerpt:
"But today women often slot creativity between childcare and managing the emotional health of the family. As a young mother, Byatt would rush to the library to work for the hour she had a cleaner at home. Her two worlds have constantly 'flickered into one another'. Problems with chapter 23 might get resolved while cooking, between 'one movement of the spoon and the next'.

"She made a bargain with herself that she would write at least four fewer books in order to have four children. With each pregnancy, she took precautions - mental ones. 'I started putting complicated poetry books in the loo and would sit there learning poetry by heart. I was practising, the way you do exercises to get your figure back, but I was more interested in my mind than my figure. It seemed more important and it still does.'"