Friday, May 16, 2008

Charles Krauthammer

I have been enjoying CK's op-eds in the Washington Post so much lately, that I went online to see if there was a Krauthammer Fan Club. Sadly, I am not joking. The only thing that I could find though is this:

That Greta Van Susteren has a dog that looks remarkably similar to CK.


Anna C said...

Actually, it appears there are 2 CK fan clubs on facebook (which I think you might really like if you were on it)...with a sum total of 47 members. hahaha!

AustenFan said...

I came across this webpage because I too was looking to see whether there was a Charles Krauthammer fan club. ...Apparently not, but I signed up to one of the Facebook groups, because Krauthammer is awesome! He's a remarkably timeless thinker, by which I mean someone could pick up one of his statements 100 years from now, and it would be of more than historical interest. I also find it inspiring that he's in a wheelchair, and has overcome that huge challenge so admirably.