Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Lazy Environmentalist

I recently purchased this book. The author's thought is that lots of people want to live green but don't know how, where to start, or don't want to do all the research. So, he did it for us and lays out the basics of what products to buy, what companies go the extra mile to "go green" with their products, and little tips for your every day life. It is more of a reference book when you are deciding to buy something (ie. a toothbrush, a car, shoes, stocks, etc.) than a read through.



Katie said...

SJC - would you recommend that other "lazy environmentalists" buy this book? Is it useful?

elrj said...

I'm intrigued! Thanks for the review: I hadn't heard of this one.

scoffin said...

katie, yes... though I think he knows much more than what he has compiled. it shows sometimes when he is talking about higher end fashion, big name people/companies, etc.

each chapter is in (for the most part) the following layout:
a quick explanation or overview of the "green-ness" in the subject, the people involved, etc.; a list of retailers, companies, groups that are the best of the best to check out... and a little blurb about each (which I love!).

I haven't gotten into some of the banking and real estate chapters... doesn't as much apply to my place in life right now!:)