Thursday, April 17, 2008

Green Building Challenge

I know that this dialog is long, but it's worth it! From the National Capital Region, Emerging Green Builders' Online Forum.

It concludes with this:

"As to the patent diagram of an umbrella from 1914 which was previously was not a submission to the design challenge, however inconsiderately sarcastic it might have seemed, which I assume generated its removal. The point is the trouble you get youself into thinking about all impact as negative. You can't really justify much of human culture, and you're not left with many options besides an umbrella."

I would add a plea to those utopian-seeking liberals who have adopted Green Building as their own to note the growing movement of Crunchy Cons--and work to include us! This is no time for partisan relegating of issues. As Rod Dreher noted in his book, the conservative movement has been so slow to embrace green ideas b/c the ideas were largely taken up by radical political groups initially--and off putting to those who differed so stringently with them on political issues. The issues of Green should stand on conscience, education, science, and innovation. Not on politics.