Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama Mania

A really excellent article by Colleen Carroll Campbell: "Could Obama Backlash Save Hillary?"

Besides her very level headed response and skepticism of the Messianic promises of Barrak Obama, her article really swells at this point:

"The fact is that America is divided not because partisans and pundits stoke our disagreements, although they often do. We are divided because we are a nation of 300 million citizens struggling to order our lives together amid unprecedented pluralism. We hold some starkly divergent views about how to interpret America's founding ideals and apply them to contemporary issues. Those conflicting views generate divisions.

"We can heal some divisions with more civility and compromise. But our most fundamental debates about the worth of human life, meaning of marriage, role of government and source of our shared values cannot be resolved by splitting the difference.

"Although our postmodern minds might recoil from such categories as true and false and right and wrong, the first rule of rational discourse -- that is, the law of non-contradiction -- reminds us that some things really are that simple. A self-governing nation must make choices. Not every dispute can end in a draw."

How refreshing to hear that.

Recent book by Os Guinness echoes this need for real discourse: The Case for Civility and why our Future Depends on It. Here is an author interview.

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