Friday, November 30, 2007


Courtesy of E.J., I just had the "Lush" experience. There is a store at malls near you (maybe) called Lush. It is all handmade soaps, gels, and cosmetics. They are all about fresh, vegetarian, and vegan sort of values. The products vary in smell, color, and texture more than any store of it's category. There are bath bombs with scents you wouldn't imagine. There are shower gels that are actually a "bar" of gel... think a block of jello that you rub and lather. There are cleansers that look and feel like silly putty with seaweed weaved through out. You squeeze off a portion and stuff it in a small container... and then use it... on your face!

The website doesn't compare to the experience of the store itself. Its worth seeing; without a purchase, I can't say if its worth using.


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