Thursday, September 13, 2007


I love my new Sigg water bottle. I was really excited to see that Wegmans is carrying them for only $13.99. I am slowly getting rid of all plastic! I replaced all my tupperware with glass three months ago.

SIGG: The History

SIGG Switzerland dates back to 1908 when metal processing specialist Ferdinand Sigg established an aluminum product factory about 30 kilometers outside of Zurich. Along with his colleague Xaver K√ľng, the two men combined their love of metal and the strong belief that "aluminum is the material of the future". Their product line, which was called SIGG AG Aluminiumwarenfabrik, was initially comprised of saucepans, frying pans and bottles, all of which sold rapidly and were immensely popular. By 1958, SIGG had thousands of products that were all manufactured in the company's own rolling mill and drawing shop.

It was in 1990 that the course for the future of the SIGG bottle was determined: a new shape, still typical of today's bottles, was developed and the quality achieved was superior. The beautiful shapes and design of the bottle is one of the reasons that in 1993 SIGG was incorporated into the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. In 1997, the company was bought by an investor group and changed direction to focus on its #1 "star" product... the SIGG bottle.

Approaching its 100 year anniversary, SIGG has its sights set on growing the brand outside of Europe. In 2005, SIGG launched a USA subsidiary based in Stamford, CT. "This brand has tremendous history and for generations has been the must-have water bottle for Europeans," stated Steve Wasik, SIGG USA President. "Americans are now discovering that using a high quality, reusable bottle like SIGG makes great sense – both financially and environmentally."

For the last 90 years, corporate headquarters have been based in the charming village of Frauenfeld Switzerland where SIGG employs about 60 dedicated people. "With nearly a century of Swiss expertise and craftsmanship, we take tremendous pride in the quality of our product," claimed Stephan Lack, SIGG Switzerland CEO. "Today, SIGG remains the world leader in premium water bottles, sold in over 40 countries... and counting!"

SIGG, "The Original Swiss Bottle", is recognized world-wide for Swiss quality and craftsmanship that comes with nearly 100 years of heritage and experience. Produced from a single component that is seamless and has no comparable weak points, SIGG bottles are tremendously durable and virtually unbreakable. In June 2006, Backpacker magazine conducted a relentless field test of leading water bottles brands. With the services of a 100 pound cannon packed with golf balls, they were able to destroy all of the targeted bottles – except one! Following the bottle barrage, they dubbed SIGG "The World's Toughest Water Bottle."

SIGG bottle linerAs tough as they are on the outside, it's the inside of SIGG bottles that make them so special. Due to SIGG's special, proprietary internal coating, these high-tech bottles are resistant to fruit juice acids, energy drinks, alcohol and virtually any consumable beverage. Because the liners are taste and scent neutral, you can enjoy any beverage you'd like – without any lingering smell or taste of the last beverage you drank. The composition of the liner also reduces the chances of bacteria build-up. And because the liner is virtually baked into the inner walls of the bottle, it will not flake or chip even if dented on the outside.

Recently, there has been a lot of press concerning Lexan plastic water bottles (Polycarbonate #7) leaching harmful chemicals into the container's ingredients. It's extremely important to note that SIGG bottles exceed FDA requirements and have been thoroughly tested to ensure 0.0% leaching – so they are 100% safe.

Combining function and fashion, SIGG bottles come in over 100 unique, eye-catching designs. Utilizing 30 independent artists from around the world, SIGG Switzerland introduces new, cutting edge styles every year. And the leak-proof caps are interchangeable creating over 1,000 possible combinations – so you can find the SIGG that meets your needs and expresses your personality.

SIGG bottles are manufactured in an ecologically-friendly environment and are 100% recyclable after their very long lives. In fact, most SIGGs in Europe are still being used 10-20 years after purchase.

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David said...

I hate blogger so much right now. Or just the internet here in Africa.

I just wrote a really great, long comment about how in lust you are with your water bottle, first belittling you for that, then deftly turning my mocking into a plea for one of the same, asking, humbly, that you toss in a stick of Right Guard High Endurance Pure Sport flavored deodorant. I even did it without the use of run-on sentences. Don't ask how I did it, just assume that I wrapped it in smoothly, using lots of cool words and linguistic techniques.

I closed it by insinuating that I might return the favor with chintsy (read: authentic, local) artistic pieces from here in Africa. But subtly, that whole bit was about guilting you into sending me one of those water bottles, in exchange for "crazy mad blog hits from southern Africa, yo."

So yeah. I almost pulled it off. You never even would have known, if I hadn't just told you.

(I am SO copying this comment before I submit it.)