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One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish cooking

I am going to post a little on soem of my favorite cook books. My friend recently picked up The Clay Pot Cook Book called, One Pot, Clay Pot, by Jenni Fleetwood. She is a Brits, so she overdoes the vegetables in my opnion, but the cook book is a lot of fun, everything always turns out and the recipes are easily adaptable.

You can someties find it on the Borders Bargain Rack for $5.99

My friend asked for some of my favorites out of it, so I'll include them here, along with my cook's annotations:

p. 27 Moroccan Harira
I double this recipe.
use 2 cans of chopped tomatoes (instead of chopped fresh).
When doubling I use 3X the spices, and 2 C beef broth along with the doubled amount of water.
I use 1 can of chickpeas rinsed, instead of soaking overnight.
And instead of the garnish at the end, I just add a dash of lemon juice.

p. 26 Sausage and Pesto Soup

p. 24 Chinese chicken and chili soup.
Almost without fail I use red pepper flakes whenever she calls for chilis. You can use whatever kind of mushrooms you want. I use a can of baby corns. Also, I don't know if you ever shop at Super H Mart, but they have really great produce for cheap (like they were having 6 bunches of green onions for 99 cents), and they have this great stuff that is just a jar of grated fresh ginger, nothing else... so it saves a lot of time, and you don't waste the left over ginger root, the jar lasts in the fridge for a long time. this recipe is really quick, specially if you use one of those rotissery chicken you can get at costco for $4.99 and pull it.

the p. 28 spanish potato soup is good, but not a meal.

p. 36 pasta squares in broth
This is one of our all time favorites. a lot of times when we can't think of anything else, we go for this. it is so good, and satisfying! I use a ham steak cut into 1 inch slices instead of the pancetta (i don't put in the bacon or the procuitto cubes). And I throw in the frozen peas at the very end, just as the pasta is almost done, otherwise they are British peas! Also, I often add more broth than is called for.

I love p. 75

We have tried I think 75% of the recipes and like them all, I am just trying to give the highlights.

p. 87 Lentil Dahl-- so good! I tried making it once, and not letting it cook the allotted time, but it was not that great. We brought this to church dinner on sunday and it was soooo good. To make the garlic puree I just popped a head of garlic in the over at 350, while I was preparing other things (chop off the tips of the top, and drizzle with olive oil), the you can just push out the garlic easily. Also, I usually use olive oil everytime she calls for some fancy kind. and I didn't put the curry leaves inthe garnish, since we didn't have any, and it was still great! I doubled this one, and used a 14 oz. can of crushed tomatoes, slightly strained instead of the chopped fresh.

this'll be the last, but this is like the ham/pea soup, we eat this all the time. p. 108 chicken with tomatoes and honey
I use boneless skinless chicken breasts, 1 14 oz can of crushed tomatoes, just whatever nuts I have around, and olive oil. you don't have to cook it as long as she says either, just until the chicken are done. i put the nuts in at the beginning-ish of the cooking, so that they are soft by then end, i don't blanch them. I cook it in a regular stove top pan, and i don't take the chicken out, blah blah and put them back in. It cooks nicely without all that. It's totally easy, and the flavors are excellent!

p. 120 is good
i don't like her boeuf bourguignion at all. bleh.
p 133 is good
p. 138is great!
p. 156 is good

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