Friday, April 13, 2007

When the Man Comes Around....

I usually dislike children's music in general. I don't understand why you would have your children listening to trite, flim-flam music when you are in process of developing their tastes!

Anyhow, here is an album that is great for kids, their developing aesthetics, and for their parents! Johnny Cash wrote and recorded these years ago, but the producers wouldn't release it until last year because it didn't really fit with Cash's image.


Anna C said...

Oooh! In this category, I adore Bobby McFerrin w/Yo Yo Ma on Hush. Think Bobby mimicking Yo Yo's cello and vice versa for some awesome--and very original--reworkings of everything from ho-down music, to classical, to my favorite version ever of "Hush Little Baby". Yay! (now., let's see how I managed w/html!? yay again!) ac

A. said...

As far as non-flim-flammish children's music is concerned, might I recommend Marlo Thomas' "Free to be You and Me".
My childhood was in many ways defined by it... yet somehow I still became a Republican. Curious.
"My dog is a plumber."