Friday, April 13, 2007

Sippy Cups

Does anyone have a favorite? I got the Avent sippy cup transformer kit (GREAT idea!), but G. doesn't seem to be taking to it. Does anyone have a trick or hint on how to teach babies to use them? It would be convenient for trips. Though now G. will hold up her own bottle.


andersonrc1 said...

KC says:

My mom originally bought Margaret some Playtex soft spout sippy cups, which didn't work all that well. I then somewhat accidentally stumbled across these Nuby cups, and they've been great:

The big advantage in the beginning was that Margaret would get water out just by biting on the spout. It meant a pretty wet shirt for a while, but it got her to make the right connections and now she drinks from it really well. She still plays with it and makes a mess sometimes, but most of the time she's very good about it. I'm glad, though, that the top is as soft as it is, for when she is flinging it around, I've watched the spout end up in her eye on several occasions with no injury!

andersonrc1 said...

I'll give them a shot!