Friday, April 13, 2007

Go west!

Some great places to visit, if you have a day!
Leesburg and the area:
- The outlets! The Crate and Barrel outlet carries napkins from $.95
- Earth and Fire Gallery: Virginia's own gallery for fine craft. They carry potters from all over the country, as well as fine wood working.
- Old Lucketts Store Antiques: This is one of my mom and my favorite shops. They always have great things and great prices. Yesterday, I found a 1920s wood wardrobe for $28, as well as some other good things.

And while you are heading west, turn north!
In Frederick, MD there are many antique shops and interesting things to look at (like the toothless wild haired ladies sitting on their porches). Be sure to check out:
- Primitive World. This store carries all sorts of Tibetan and Chinese antiques. It's quite an amazing shop, and the prices are very good. These things would sell for thousands in New York.
- My other favorite place to go scrounging around is the Cannon Hill Place at the old Granary (111 S. Carroll Street).

In Hagerstown, MD there is a dreary corrugated tin warehouse...
- and inside you will find an array of ribbon! I bought 50 yd rolls of ribbon for anywhere between $1-$5! It's called Offray-Lion Ribbons. They also have a site, but it's very odd and hard to navigate. I was suspiscious of the worthiness of such a drive. But you will not find ribbon at such low prices and in such quantity anywhere else!
- And you might as well stop at Wonder Book and Video, while you are up there. Wonder Book is one of the area's largest used book dealers.

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