Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Farm Shares--get 'em quick!

So I spent the morning looking into Farm Shares available for the Fairfax, VA area. I looked into 12-15 farms. This is the sign up period for CSA farms, and a lot are already sold out.

I am really excited to announce we have our very own farm!

Water Penny Farm

You can see their chart for what is fresh when, etc. so you can know what to expect, kind of.

More specifics: a Full share (feeds a family of 4) is $475 for 22 weeks. Shares start relatively small in June and increase in size and variety with the growing season, with peak amounts in August and September.

I think it's going to be really fun. And that's pretty good for veggies, and they are all organic, and local!

If you look into getting a farm share of your own be sure to look at what they grow, and where their pick-ups or deliveries are, as well as how many weeks their season is (to be able to better compare the prices). Some farms grew a lot of weird Asian greens, that I wasn't that interested in receiving every week, some grow more fresh herbs, etc.

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Katie said...

I have been looking for one of these in our area. Thank you for sharing!