Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Two Artists of Note

Gustav(e) Bauman and Kawase Hasui are two artists that I recently ran across at the National Gallery. Hasui's original prints are still on the market, and quite reasonable. One can find Baumans on the market, but the prices are out of my league. There are some high quality reproductions available in the $25 range though.

Anyhow, both artists worked in the early 20th Century in woodblock printing. It's interesting to note the similarities and clear cross pollination of ideas between the two. Bauman worked mainly in the United States in the Southwest, and Hasui was Japanese. Their prints are both exquisite. Hasui's prints showing Western influence by including a light source in many (more traditional Asian art is generally marked by it's lack of light source), and Bauman picks up on the simplicity, and linear qualities usually associated with Asian art. Both draw on nature for their subject matter.


Margaret Perry said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hausai. I love, most of all, his snowscapes.

Nathan said...

Wow, I love that one by Bauman. I think I'll be buying a framed version of it for my house next year.