Monday, January 29, 2007

Concert Vault

For those serious music lovers amongst you. My friend, JW, sent me this link.

Share the experience. We took cues from our listeners and have expanded the Vault Radio Feedback page into a fully realized community. In the Concert Vault you can personally rate each concert, see what others think, and meet kindred souls in the Concert Vault Forum.

How do you do it? We've transferred these aging, but well-preserved, tape archives to highest-quality digital formats using the best tools available, and we have carefully catalogued everything.

The Concert Vault is fully licensed by BMI, ASCAP and SESAC, and we pay these performance rights organizations every time you listen to a concert. The license fees make their way back to the performers that made the music. One of our top priorities will always be to make sure that the artists are compensated for their performances.

Yes, downloads are coming! We still have a few details to work out, but plan to begin offering music downloads in the next three to four months. Stay tuned for updates and announcements. Registered Concert Vault listeners will be the first to know.

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