Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Two new nursing gadgets

BSC let me know about these two new things:

LilyPadz's Unique Design works on the age-old principle that pressure on the nipple (like a finger) temporarily stops breast milk leakage, LilyPadz keep that pressure constant, even in the absence of a bra. So instead of absorbing your milk, LilyPadz prevents you from leaking altogether! LilyPadz are so thin you no longer have to worry about them showing through your shirt or bra. You can even wear them swimming! They can be used and re-used as much as you like.

Also the Belly Hugger Nursing Cover:
Allows discreet nursing by covering back and belly while you pull up your top shirt

And according to BSC:
"That girl that runs the site is really cute…a Christian who wanted to be at home with her kids and found a job to make that work…that’s my kind of girl!"

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