Sunday, November 12, 2006

Best Places

This is a entertaining and informative site that lets you know the vitals on cities in the US, so you can discover what the Best Places are.

It provides information such as people, economy, housing, health, crime, climate, education, transportaion, cost of living, religion, and voting. And then you can compare cities as well.

You can also take the Find Your Best Place quiz! And Find out where you should be living. Here's my list. I think it must be a little off, but not much!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Shop It To Me!

This is kind of a fun program. You put in your sizes, and the site culls through all the sales on items of your size and chosen brands, sending you an email on whichever day you choose linking to the sale.

There is also Shop It To Me Running. This program is for both men and women.

So, I know that I have referenced several times, but I thought I would post on it. I have really gotten hooked on it! You get free shipping over $25.00. Their prices are usually better than Target, and it's very convenient to have them shipped right to the doorstep. They also have a "list" function which is quite nice. So that when you want to re-order commonly ordered items, you can do so easily, without having to re-search for them on the site.

They also have customer reviews for the products, which have thus far been quite informative and reliable.


What are some of your suggestions or tricks in dealing with teething. Gretta is starting to get her first tooth! woo hoo! It's so cute. I got her some chewing/teething rings and really like the Munchkin Fun Ice Soothing Ring. You can freeze it, and the gel inside still stays soft.

I also bought, but have not tried yet, Hyland's Teething Tablets. They are a homeopathic remedy for fitfullness and sleeplessness associated with teething. They are all natural, and dissolve on the tongue. And they got rave reviews on

I'll let you know how it works!

Introducing Solids

Any thoughts?

According to the AMA, one should not introduce solids until 6 months of age. Other have said 4-6 months, and I am sure there are many other theories. What are your opinions?

I have gotten some feeding spoons for Gretta, for when she does start eating. I received them today, and really like them. They are the Baby Bjorn feeding spoons. They are almost floppy at the ends, that's how flexible they are. I like that for Gretta's soft pink gums!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Finding a Doctor

The American Medical Association has a doctor finder with plenty of information on nearly every phycician in the United States. You can find OB/GYN, pediatric, or any other kind of doctor on this site. It's very helpful. And by the way, I have found a new doctor that I think I am going to like a lot: Dr. Laurence Murphy, of Burke, VA. He was educated at Georgetown Medical,is a member of both the AMA and the AAP, and comes highly recommended from a woman in my church. I called and spoke with the office today, and they don't have the normal infant schedule. Instead of 2, 4, and 6 month visits, they do 3.5 and 5.5 visits. I like them already.

Art Supplies

Dick Blick is a great source for art supplies. They carry just about everything that you could need, an consistently offer the best (lowest) prices available. When I was doing price comparison for linoleum block DB beat even the local art store's prices, inlcuding shipping.

Right now they are having a clearance sale and I thought I would bring to attention one item. Showcase Portfolios are very nice carry and storage cases, and are usually $47.95-67.95. They are on sale now for 75% off = $11.99-16.99.

More on Vaccines

I found this link on the American Academy of Pediatrics website, you can order hard copies of several reports and informative pamphlets on vaccination--FREE!

Also, a report on the links between vaccines and autism. Studies "...consistently provided evidence that there is no association between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism."

On Multiple vaccines at one time: A number of studies have been conducted to examine the effects of giving various combinations of vaccines simultaneously. In fact, neither the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) nor the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) would recommend the simultaneous administration of any vaccines until such studies showed the combinations to be both safe and effective. These studies have shown that the recommended vaccines are as effective in combination as they are individually, and that such combinations carry no greater risk for adverse side effects. Consequently, both the ACIP and AAP recommend simultaneous administration of all routine childhood vaccines when appropriate. Research is under way to find ways to combine more antigens in a single vaccine injection (for example, MMR and chickenpox). This will provide all the advantages of the individual vaccines, but will require fewer shots.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hiking Upward

This is a great site for finding local hikes. They have interactive maps that show you signposts, pictures of what you will see, etc. It gives you detailed information on the hikes, by people who have really hiked them!

You can search for hikes by area , by GEO Caching, by caloric output! and other ways.

Two new nursing gadgets

BSC let me know about these two new things:

LilyPadz's Unique Design works on the age-old principle that pressure on the nipple (like a finger) temporarily stops breast milk leakage, LilyPadz keep that pressure constant, even in the absence of a bra. So instead of absorbing your milk, LilyPadz prevents you from leaking altogether! LilyPadz are so thin you no longer have to worry about them showing through your shirt or bra. You can even wear them swimming! They can be used and re-used as much as you like.

Also the Belly Hugger Nursing Cover:
Allows discreet nursing by covering back and belly while you pull up your top shirt

And according to BSC:
"That girl that runs the site is really cute…a Christian who wanted to be at home with her kids and found a job to make that work…that’s my kind of girl!"

Monday, November 06, 2006

Building a new Home?

Consider this option: (Go to "Videos" and look at the videos as well as the animations).

We might get the arm chair slide in our newly built castle out on 50E.



This is GREAT!

A better way to save? Quit calling 411 and dial 1-800-FREE411, a new directory assistance service without the annoying 411 charges that creep up on your monthly phone bill.

Instead of spending $1.50 to locate the number for late-night pizza delivery, a 24-hour grocer, or your hairdresser’s new number, you can get the same directory assistance as regular 411 at no cost. Dial away! Calls are unlimited. Plug 1-800-FREE411 (800-373-3411) into your speed dial.

It doesn’t end there.’s free directory search gives you exactly what (or whom) you’re looking for — flowers for that special someone, the best nail salon in town, a shoe cobbler to fix that broken stiletto. Unlike other engines out there (Google, Yahoo) that return a ton of unsorted listings, provides you with the exact information you want.