Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Mouthful

A great quote from Roger "nimble minded" Kimball:

"Our avant-gardist artistic establishment preens itself on being 'transgressive,' 'challenging,' 'provacative,' etc. But it prefers to exercise its anti-bourgois animus within the coddled purlieus of bourgeois security."

Kimball is the editor of The New Criterion and is author of many books including The Rape of the Masters: How Politcal Correctness Sabotages Art, Arts Prospect: The Challenge of Tradition in an Age of Celebrity, and The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America. TNC is, according to the Times Literary Supplement, "is probably more consistently worth reading than any other magazine in English."

Be sure to check out Arma Virumque, the TNC weblog, and their list of "other sites".


andersonrc1 said...

Do you ever find them unbearably snobby? Kimball uses his vocab for
good. And his wit for better for the most part.

But I find so many nonsensical comparisons and ad hominem arguments
against people being denounced for just those things...that, oh i get

So I was just wondering if you ever have that feeling or consider that
it's just how academics have to talk? (though they're always
castigating someone or other for just that infection of academy-speak)


andersonrc1 said...

absolutely. the first time i met Kimball and Panero I thought as much. they get a little friendlier after a while. but sure, i think they are complete snobs. they prove as much by liking the ultimate snob, theodore darymple, so much.

i think, in terms of vocab though, that kimball can't help it--it's how he thinks.

other intellectuals, i wouldn't give as much credence to. i think they posture quite a bit. kimball, i think, reads so much and is such an increadibly razor sharp thinker, that he just can't help it.