Monday, September 25, 2006


This is a textile magazine. Now for those of you who at the very mention of textiles don't get all hot and bothered, I should say that it is really about what's happening in art today. And the reason that you should be interested is they express reasonable responses to art.

"As I get more and more steeped in the quilt and patchwork world, and spend time viewing thousands of contemporary pieces, I get more entrenched than ever in my passion for traditional designs. I don't dislike many contemporary quilts, I just find myself at a loss in front of many pieces where you need to read a label full of information before you can appreciate it. Call me old-fashioned but I want a quilt to be so sensitively or passionately coloured that I am moved by the work before having it explained."
-- Kaffe Fassett

Is the tide changing in the art world? This comment prompted me to think that perhaps there is. The cynicism and sarcasm and exclusive wit that most contemporary art expresses was bound to get tiresome... perhaps this turning back to old forms will excite new artists to really create an art for our time. Is a 21st Century Renaissance beginning?

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