Friday, September 22, 2006

Get Junk Food Out of America's Schools

CW sent me the newsletter for the Parents Against Junk Food:

Join Parents Against Junk Food and we'll send you (if you wish to receive it) a free newsletter with recipe makeovers (see Mac & Cheese recipe below), quick weeknight recipes, and fun, kid-friendly recipes such as Wacky Cake (included below in this email). Plus, you'll get tips, shortcuts, tasting results and equipment testing recommendations from America's Test Kitchen. Just click on the website address to join.

I am not sure what I really think about this, since I don't really think that we need more instances of government regulation. However, since the school cafeterias are already a part of the public school system, perhaps it would be a better idea to have some sort of regulations. I'll miss those old sloppy joes though!

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