Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Civic Literacy

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute has published their findings in their Civic Literacy report. Below are the findings per school. You can take a sample quiz yourself!

(ps. Hooray for Grove City College!)

A Report of the National Civic Literacy Board: The Coming Crisis in Citizenship
RankCollege Learning Added or Subtracted

1Rhodes College +11.6%
2Colorado State University 10.9
3Calvin College 9.5
4Grove City College 9.4
5University of Colorado, Boulder 8.9
6Spring Arbor University 8.3
7University of New Mexico 8.2
8University of Mobile 7.5
9Florida Memorial University 6.8
10Central Connecticut State University 5.0
11George Mason University 5.0
12Youngstown State University 4.9
13North Carolina Central University 4.8
14Utah State University 4.5
15Lynchburg College 4.0
16Catholic University of America 3.2
17University of Massachusetts, Boston 3.0
18Princeton University 2.8
19Eastern Kentucky University 2.7
20Baylor University 2.6
21West Texas A&M University 2.5
22University of South Alabama 2.0
23University of Texas, Austin 2.0
24Wheaton College 1.9
25Harvard University 1.9
26University of Washington 1.8
27Appalachian State University 1.7
28University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 1.6
29Capital University 1.3
30American University 1.0
31Stanford University 0.9
32University of West Florida 0.7
33Washington & Lee University 0.2
34Dartmouth College 0.1
35University of Michigan -0.1
36Ithaca College -0.2
37University of Chicago -0.3
38Massachusetts Institute of Technology -0.4
39Williams College -0.7
40University of Florida -0.8
41Wofford College -0.9
42University of Virginia -1.1
43Georgetown University -1.2
44Yale University -1.5
45State University of West Georgia -2.0
46Duke University -2.3
47Brown University -2.7
48Cornell University -3.3
49University of California, Berkeley -5.6
50Johns Hopkins University -7.3

Source: National Center for Education Statistics's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System.


Kelly said...

BREAKING NEWS: West Chester University Alumnus Scores 100% on "American Civil Literace Sample Quiz": She Fears She May Be The Only One To Do So, Ever

Grace said...

I'm curious how they defined and quantified "civic literacy"...

andersonrc1 said...

Click on the banner to find out!