Saturday, August 26, 2006


For our paper anniversary J gave me a gift certificate to the Secondhand Rose, a cool store in New York City that deals in antique wallpaper. They carry original William Morris prints, other Arts and Crafts movement artists' papers, and Art Nouveau papers. They also carry other vintage papers (more 50s & 60s).

MP just sent a link to Imports from Marrakesh. They carry tiles, textiles, and wrought iron works.

More tiles--gorgeous Art Nouveau tiles at Tile Heaven & a list of handmade tile designers.


martha l. said...

Hi Rebecca:
Love that vintage wallpaper resource. Could you post your favorite places to visit in NY for fabric, paper, used books, art, etc?

Sarah said...

I would love to get into making tiles myself... though I hear from my mother that it can be more work than people are willing to pay, what with all of the exact measuring, etc. I'm thinking of doing some tile work for my mom's fall show; not to install anywhere but just as hangings or unique tiles that people can put into thier own tile-ing.

andersonrc1 said...

Sarah, I can't wait to see what you come up with... and purchase something from you! How fun!