Friday, August 25, 2006

Strollers and Car Seats

Well, after much consideration J and I decided on the Rock Star Baby stroller. I was a bit embarrassed that Bon Jovi had designed it, but it was everything we were looking for. I didn't know how much we would use the bassinet, but as it turns out--it is just the greatest! We use it all the time. In fact, on my recent trip to the Jersey shore and Philly, that's all I had to bring for Gretta to sleep in. It was very convenient. I also like that it is not plastic, and not pastel. We had also liked the Bumble Ride Queen B, however when we got it home and tried it out for a while, we realized that it is just too big and doesn't maneuver that well. What strollers do you have?

As for car seats: Gretta grew out of her infant carrier within the first month. Do you know of any that accommodate a taller baby, but are still convenient to carry around? She is now in the Britax Roundabout. It's very nice, but does not recline as much as I would have hoped, specially since Gretta is still little enough that her head lolls quite a bit! Any opinions, suggestions?


mark from denver said...

I believe all the infant carriers max out at a height of 26". My recommendation for controlling head movement are "neck wings". They strap on around the belt on either side of the head and they're like sturdy pillows for baby to rest on. We had to use them for Johan because his neck is so fragile. You can borrow mine for a bit, Johan doesn't use them anymore.

andersonrc1 said...

Thanks for the tips! I do have one of those neck supports for Gretta, and they do work great.