Saturday, August 26, 2006

Speaking of Food... [farmers' markets, co-ops, and farm shares]

I miss the farmers' market in Chestnut Hill. I did all my shopping weekly at the farmers market... I walked up with my canvas bags and pick up fresh meat and produce. When I got into cooking Asain food, the guy at the produce stand would always pull out special ingredients that he must have kept in his van only for special requests. The old man at the sausage counter was irrascible but had the best pork apple sausage (that carmelized when you cooked it).

Anyhow, I was looking for local farmers' markets and ran across this site. Does anyone have a favorite farmers' market?

In looking up farmers' markets I thought to look up co-ops and farm shares as well. I don't think there are any co-ops in Northern Virginia, but I know there are farm shares. Does anyone have any experience with these?


Grace said...

I met a girl who works for the farmers market in Silver spring....I think I still have her email address somewhere. She may be able to provide you with useful info.

andersonrc1 said...

Thanks Grace!

WondrousPilgrim said...

can you believe it? There is a farmer's market in Chester! they probably only sell organic weed and cheeze-whiz.

Nathan said...

There's a farmer's market in Takoma Park, just north of DC too. I think it's Saturday morning-afternoon. Metro accessible too. As a side note, the area is also referred to as the "People's Republic of Takoma Park" because it's about the most liberal place in DC. They actually have a law, dating from the 60's, banning the storage of nuclear weapons or use of nuclear power in the town. Weird, eh?

Sarah said...

other places really should adopt that law... seems safer to me.

there is a farmers market type thing in Reston Community Center at Lake Anne on Saturday mornings. I think its more beads and pots than lettuce and squash, if you get me.