Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pankey Dentists

If you are looking for a good dentist, I would suggest looking for a Pankey trained dentist in your area. They have a website that lists Pankey dentists by area.

They have a patient oriented way of practising dentistry. I was going to Dr. M. Hughes in PA, and my experience was the best that I have ever had at a dentist. The Pankey theory is very comprehensive, and on your first visit they do an extensive whole mouth check up--so they really know what is going on in your mouth. Not only that, they keep their practises small, and really get to know their patients. Dr. Hughes put in a porcelin onlay that I subsequently cracked, and he redid the whole thing (with a gold onlay) for free. He said it was b/c he is proud of his work, and it's not right if it doesn't last.

Anyhow, tomorrow I am going to see my new Pankey dentist Dr. Hermann in NOVA, and I expect to have a very similar experience with him.

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Sarah said...

What a funny name... Pankey? I thought you were joking at first. I'm going to the Pankey grocery store followed by my pankey gym. TTFN.