Monday, August 28, 2006

Managing Menus

I have discovered it to be helpful to sit down and make a menu each week for dinners prior to my weekly grocery shopping. Not only does this cut down on extraneous/impulse purchases while at the grocery store, it saves the refrigerator from becoming overly full and unused food from rotting. This way one only buys what one will use for the meals each week. It also keeps our weekly grocery bill extremely consistent (around $80-90 for 2.5 people).

Once you make the menus, then you go through and write down the ingredients that you don't already have, and add a couple of staples for breakfast and lunch.

To help out with this RealSimple has made a cute (and actually helpful) line of organizational home tools.


Sarah said...

I don't know if you can count Gretta as a .5 person on your grocery bill quite yet... but it just struck me that you might be counting Jack as a 1.5 person in terms of consumption... in which case, I totally agree with you.

MrStandfast said...

being 1.5 is quite a responsibility.

A tip for husbands though...drop what you're doing right now, unless you're at work, like me, and go spend the best $6.28 of your life. You can pick this up at Borders usually as well. This book,

which I like to call the dr. seuss of cooking is amazing. It uses, as the title suggest, a single pot, and the meals are usually pretty quick. While Spoon was not yet born, I found it to be pretty simple to double check the shopping list for the week, volunteer for grocery duty, and snag one or two extra items needed and just take over and plan and make one of the meals that week.

I'm not sure if that's less virtuous because it's easy, but I still recommend it.

Sarah said...

For husbands everywhere, Thank You Mr. 1.5