Saturday, August 26, 2006

Donna Hay

I discovered Donna Hay several years ago when I was a volunteer shelving books at the local public library. I used to love reshelving the cookbook section. I didn't note the author at the time, just the cookbook--Flavors. It categorized the recipes and tips by flavor: salt & pepper, basil & mint, vanilla, etc. Then recently a Donna Hay magazine was sent to the late tenant of our apartment, and I just loved it! The subscription price put a damper on my enthusiasm though... until I found that she had published cookbooks. The cookbooks are available for a very reasonable price, and at your local library.

They are wonderful cookbooks--the pictures are enticing, the recipes only have around five ingredients (so it's all fresh and simple), and she includes a little section of tips in each chapter. I used her Instant Cook when my mom left, and I had to begin cooking again. Each of the meals took only about 20 minutes. It was a good way to ease back into the normal swing of things and still have fresh tastey meals.

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Anna C said...

Sounds fab! and Hmm....and I have a trial run of super-fast shipping for free from Amazon through November. Holler if anyone'd like one and I'll put in a group order! Anna